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The imperfect grace of nature has always been the antidote for life’s weariness. The calming hues, the gentle touch of wind, and the serene song of distant birds have a way of healing our hearts.

Now you can mimic the calming allure of the natural world in your home with modern earth colors. Transform your space with off-white, warm copper, energizing ginger colorways, and peaceful green furniture, lighting and décor.

Wood Furniture has mastered the art of turning natural materials into magnificent home essentials. No wonder the latest “Nature Inspires New Home Colors Collection” is filled with exquisitely crafted pieces that will boost your space’s connection with nature. The collection features the finest craftsmanship of eco-friendly brands Tikamoon, Ethnicraft, Dbodhi, La Forma, and more.
How To Create A Harmonious Home That Is Inspired By Nature? 

1. Evoke Nature Through Organic And Sustainable Materials.
The beautifully imperfect quality of natural materials like wood, terracotta, travertine, and marble reflect the restorative aura of the outdoors at home. Take your cue from Scandinavian, Japandi and Rustic interior concepts and how they embrace the simplicity of nature.

Check out this beautiful furniture crafted from natural materials:
Aroba Shelving Unit by La Forma, Outline Sideboard by dBodhi, Lisbeth Wardrobe by Tikamoon, Karlina Planters by La Forma 

2. Make Your Home Cozy.
The goal is to create a sanctuary that allows you to relax and recharge as much as the healing effect of nature does. Incorporate a neutral toned tactile rug like the Tact by WOUD and Maina by Dareels. Use soft cushiony seating like the Chopin sofa by Dareels or Kaie pouf by La Forma. For added coziness, let the natural light pour in!

3. Use Green and Other Earth Hues. Nothing evokes nature more than the soothing colors of green and earthy shades. Check out Ellipse sofa by Ethnicraft, the green Jute rug by Label51, the Todd armchair by Pols Potten, and the brown Roller Max coffee table by Ethnicraft.

Head over to our newest eco-friend Collection and transform your home into a place of calmness and comfort! 

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