Vintage-style Upholstered Lounge Chair | Ethnicraft Barrow
Designers have always drawn inspiration from nature. Today more than ever, creating stunning pieces that are environment-friendly has become widely essential.

Designing a nature-inspired home by bringing natural elements into our interiors creates a sense of calmness and restorative energy as it mimics the outdoors. It evokes a peaceful ambiance that boosts mood and reduces stress levels.

This month, the Wood Furniture is excited to introduce its brand-new Nature-Inspired Collection from its eco-conscious brands Ethnicraft, Tikamoon, Dbodhi, La Forma, DareelsMater, and more.

Here are four tips to design a home interior inspired by nature:

1. Incorporate natural elements. 
Use natural materials in your home décor, such as wood, travertine, and marble. These components will bring the outdoors in and foster a tranquil atmosphere.

Take a look at our favorite lounge chairs Woven Abaca Reclined Chair | dBodhi Caterpillar and Beetle Classic Wicker Accent Chair | La Forma Grignoon. Both are stylishly warm and welcoming. This White Washed Branches Coat Rack | La Forma Fremunt is a practical addition to a room while also bringing some exotic vibe to a range of interior styles.

2. Use natural color schemes. 
This will create a unified and peaceful ambiance. Nature-inspired hues such as greens, blues, browns, and other neutral earthy tones are always in style! 

Check out the Vintage-style Upholstered Lounge Chair | Ethnicraft Barrow which is available in colors Copper, Pine Green, and Ginger. Pair it with a Green Cylindrical Pouf | Ethnicraft Barrow to complete your cozy nook!

3. Sprinkle some organic textures. 
The natural textures of jute, rattan, or linen give a room a sense of depth and visual interest.

Explore how to create the coziest lounge area with the Natural Rattan Coffee Table | Tikamoon Samson and Green Woven Area Rug | WOUD Rombo.

4. Add ambient lighting. Lastly, a nature-inspired home is one with lots of natural lighting as well as some glow from lovely lamps.

Discover our best-selling ceiling lamps Rustic Natural Rattan Hanging Lamp | dBodhi Horn and Woven Abaca Pendant Lamp | dBodhi Cymbal.

Our Nature-Inspired Collection will satisfy your need for furniture and décor with timeless quality and outstanding craftsmanship. 
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