Every new year brings a renewed sense of inspiration. This 2023 allow your creativity to flow into your surroundings by upgrading your space. Say goodbye to stale energy and invite a fresh vibe to your home with trendy pieces that are meticulously designed to be practical, eco-friendly, versatile and stunning.

Wood Furniture curates fashionable pieces from the best European brands such as Tikamoon, Ethnicraft, Eleonora and more! This trendy collection features stylish items that will truly elevate your space.

If you’re still unsure how to start your home upgrade project, we made a list of this year’s top 3 interior design trends to spark your creativity.

Top 3 Home Design Trends In 2023

1. Sustainable Home Furniture. Sustainability will continue to flourish across the design world, supporting renewable materials like wool, leather, bamboo, rattan and earthy woods. It promotes a modern approach to minimalism that combines clean lines and natural materials to create interiors that are chic and in harmony with the nature.

Incorporate wooden pieces in your living area like the Mosaic sideboard by Ethnicraft or the Metric TV Unit by Tikamoon for a more breezy vibe. You may also opt for a classic Kilim rug that is crafted with wool like the Essentials by Ethnicraft to add warmth and texture to your space.

2. Warm Neutral Tones. Beige, cream and sand are still holding its throne as an elegant and timeless palette for any interior scheme. This comforting hues capture calmness and warmth while evoking a simply sophisticated vibe. Check out the Vivaldi armchair by Dareels or the Barrow lounge chair by Ethnicraft to spur your imagination.

3. Curved Furnishings. Injecting curvilinear furniture creates rhythm and natural flow in a room. This year, designers are still in love with mixing curved pieces and sleek silhouettes. 

The Mari coffee table by Eleonora instantly makes a living area more stylish with its organic shape and premium quality materials.  This Ellipse sofa by Ethnicraft allows you to melt in its cozy upholstery and generous seating. 

Head over to our collection of more trendy yet timeless pieces that will elevate your space this season and beyond. 
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