Collections we Love: Ocean by Mater
Banner, sea turtle, Plastic waste, Recycled fishing nets, Mater Ocean Collection

As we currently face a global climate crisis, our favorite brands around the world continue to come up with innovative ways to collaborate with companies that help preserve the environment, or engineer new technologies to make innovative designs possible. One of our favorite collections combining great design with sustainable materials is Mater’s appropriately named, Ocean collection. 


Plastic waste, Recycled fishing nets, Mater Ocean Collection
MATER’s beautiful Ocean collection, a 1955 design reissue made with ocean plastic waste.


Originally designed in 1955 by renowned designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, this collection represents sustainable and innovative thinking and was awarded Wallpaper* Magazines Design award in 2019. The source material for the plastic is ocean waste plastic and recycled plastic, which honors their pledges to have “Sustainable Development Goals of protecting Life Below Water” and “Responsible Consumption and Production”. The finish options for this collection are Black or Beige. 960 grams of ocean plastic waste is used by each Ocean Chair, which comes out to almost 29 bottles of plastic. 


Plastic waste, Recycled fishing nets, Mater Ocean Collection
The Ocean collection comes in the colors Black or Beige.


It is amazing to think that these repurposed materials could be turned into premium pieces for furniture. The Ocean collection is made up of the perfect mixed media pieces, great for both indoors and outdoors use. This re-imagined model, originally made of wood, is distinguished by a light construction with open slats and a metal frame. It was planned for disassembly, ensuring that when an Ocean Chair is at the end of its life cycle, it can be recycled to produce a new chair in a new manufacturing cycle.

Nanna Ditzel, Plastic waste, Recycled fishing nets, Mater Ocean Collection
Nanna Ditzel pictured with the original 1955 design made up of a timber veneer and steel frame.

The re-issues of the pieces have been sized up by five per cent to accommodate new sizes, but otherwise the shape remains the same. In line with our commitment to well-being and the environment, we are delighted to bring this ethical brand to our portfolio.

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