Sustainable Curved Furniture



Curved furniture's organic lines and round corners give an ideal blend of cozy and feminine mood in the room. Wood Furniture provides the largest collection of European wooden curved furniture that displays the company's commitment to sustainability and longevity. Each piece is mindfully designed to give your interior the best combination of comfort and style. These curvilinear handcrafted furnishings lend a room a sense of fluidity.

Curved furniture can be challenging to incorporate into home decor because of its flowy design, but our designers are here to guide you in creating your very own ethical sanctuary.



Here Are Our Designer’s Top 3 Tips For Decorating With Curved Furniture

1. Place it towards the center of the room. Unlike the traditional sharp-angled furnishings, curved furniture can’t be pressed against a wall. Display your curved items, like this rattan accent chair or canework tray coffee table from Wood Furniture in the middle of the room, or make sure there is a gap between them and a wall or corner to avoid looking clunky. This placement also allows you to relish the lovely arcs of your interior in every angle.

2. Maintain a flow. It's crucial to consider the positioning of curved furniture when decorating. Each piece should produce a flow that drifts in the same direction to create a harmonious aesthetic. Unless they're designed to be symmetrical in some way, opposing curves might make it appear uncoordinated. Check out Wood Furniture’s premium curved pieces from naturally sourced wooden materials for your interior.

3. Less is more. If too many dramatic curves are crammed into one space, the area can be overwhelming or it might even create a nauseating vibe! It's better to use a centerpiece like an accent wooden coffee table by the French brand Tikamoon in each space where you want to draw attention and balance it out with simpler pieces.

Shop mindfully with our range of handcrafted curved pieces from reclaimed materials! 

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